Thursday, October 8, 2009

Work in Progress

1) Writing up story after interview with boys entitled 'Gangster Resistance'
2) Organising interview with Police official from area on what can be done in the area
3) Making website for our group
4) Editing and re-designing website

1) After the focus groups were held, I have started to work on my soundslide as well as act as a photographer where writers have needed.
2) I went with Lisa to take pictures for her story on gangs and will upload the photographs tommorow
3) I accompanied the tv students on their interview with the Fingo Revolutionary Movement. 4) For my soundslide, I have spoken to people about young offenders and tried to gather some contacts for the story.
5)This evening I will be going to interview Hi-tec.

1) A few of us went up to the extention and got some information about the schools in the area. Some of the schools do have a spring school programme for the students which we thought was a positive for the kids. we mostly just walked around and spoke with the people forming relationships and maybe gaining a bit of trust to show the people tht we are not there just to take from them and then leave with nothing. I have posted a few pictures from the day on to the DFS in my folder under photojourn (simone Landers) if anybody would like to see them.
2) We will be returning to the schools on Monday 5 October to see if we can speak to any of the students and the principles of some of the schools and gain their perspectives.
P.S. the Presidents Awards Club s having a fun run on Wednesday the 7th Oct for those who wanted to cover them.
Andrew & Cari:
1)Cari and i are going well on info for soundslide..just need to put it together.
2) The one guy we definitely have to use in our piece can only meet on monday. he is a student at NMMU who has come back for holiday..he lives right by the tavern in extension 6. So we are only going get soundbites of him on monday. We are having like a 'chill session' with him and his mates in his age group who dont do crime and have found other things to do. also we bumped into some guys who organise a cricket teama and play on weekends..this is hectic as there are 24 youths making 2 teams and they play in the gtown league..i think they even play rhodes. NB: This is hectic though because the weekends are when all the naughty stuff goes down and these okes are playing cricket instead of getting up to mischief.

Nontobeko, Vuyokazi & Zikhona:
As we have discussed, the tv klids willbe doing a profile piece that doccuments a day in a life of a 'troubled teenage' of sorts. S/He or she could be convicted teen, street kid, gang memeber so long as they talk about give us they perspective, and tell their life story of school, home, life in the streets, local gangs, struggles, truimphs and hopes forthe future.

We preferbly dont want to do the whole-happy ending and light at the end of tunnel type of doccie-thats a bit over done-but rather profiling what seems to be a prominent problem within sec. 6 and 7 that will require more than a happy ending but some sort of intervention and understanding of why they do the things they do.

So as a result we will be talking to 'The President's Award' a youth empowerment programme that basically cater for young people between 14-25 by providing them with the neccessary tools required to enable them to be responsible citizens within their respective communities...
1) 11th October: Dominique Little

In the soundslide, only the work around the two featured girls is shown. Besides these interviews with them and the time spent photographing them, I accompanied the tv students when they did their first filming of the ‘Fingo revolutionary movement’ coordinators. I have also made numerous trips into the extensions to take general photographs, as well as taking photographs for the design posters.
Due to the fact that there were three photographers to one radio student, I ended up doing most of the sound for our piece. Andy helped with ambience but Simone and I recorded and edited all of our sound. I was also working on another story that would form the second part of our soundslide (along the same theme of ‘we make our own decisions’) but that unfortunately fell through despite the time I spent with my subject, photographing him and talking to him. Being extremely busy, Andy had hardly any time to help us with our sound and as a result we did most of it all ourselves, focusing on trying to edit sound where we maybe should have focused more on taking photographs. However, trying to get a finished product before our neighbourhood meeting meant that we could not do so.
2) 11th October: Simone Landers
Going in to the extension tomo for a photoshoot/fieldwork.
Friday went very well up at the school. Meggan and I put together a focus group with some of the students and it was really helpful got some great information. Tomorrow I'm going to follow three of the girls around after school and really get in to what these guys get up to wen school is out, thought we could get some really interesting material.
3)11th October: Debbie Liebenberg
The design team (Phakamani and myself) decided to create one banner and two A3 posters. Since I designed the banner and Phakamani the two posters I shall only reflect on the banner here. The target audience for the banner would be the youth. The po...sters were to be put in three schools in the area.
I decided to make the theme of the banner reflect a school/learning atmostphere and for this reason the design was as follows: The banner looked like a birds eye view of a school desk. The desk had many school like decorations upon it (such as stationary, books and paper) which were used to present the stories and photographs produced by other members in the group. So from a distance this colourful poster may appear to be merely a cluttered desk but upon closer inspection the viewer will find different stories and photos relevant to the lifestyles of the youth in the area.
In terms of the content that was chosen: The banner was not only made to be a source of hope for the youth but also a means for them to voice their concerns about their community. In so doing the target audience may feel a common connection or be inspired to be like the young role models presented on the poster
4) 12th October: VK

TV update: we are doing two documetaries, one is going to be profiling an individual- someone who has resorted to crime because the education system in township high schools has let them down and how they have been helped by NGO's in GHT to turn... their life around the documentary presents " The Problem" and the second documentary is profiling an organisation Save our Schools - aim is to encourage youth to go back to school.
We are almost done with filming one documentary and I would like to film the second bit today - afternoon. There was an idea about writers collaborating with highschool learners to write articles about crime / youth stories in their area.. is that idea still vaible?

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