Monday, September 28, 2009

Story Ideas

Friday 23rd September 2009

Today in our meeting we verbalised our project theme and aims for the oral presentation and what stories we would further persue in our groups. Some of the ideas were:

1) WEPD Group:
a) Lisa:- interview and perhaps do a feature on resistance of gang violence with students found during the civic mapping and focus group excercise
b) Guy:-
c) Meggan:-
come up with a new and funky poster board type of design to exhibit photo stories and information about crime in the area to maybe go up in schools and bus stops
Nontobeko, Voyokazi and ZW Tshona to persue prisons and rehabilitations of criminals in the youth sector and maybe even trail hi-tech and how they handle youth criminals and ask those caught why they do it etc
a) Dominique:- Keeping in tune with our group’s theme of ‘youth’, Andy (radio) and I (photo) are doing a story that examines the positive and negatives of the process that young offenders go through when they commit a crime.
We have conducted research not only through our focus group interviews, but through talking to security companies and members of the community alike. Research shows that young offenders are either arrested or simply dropped back off at home (as juvenile prison is too dangerous).
Those arrested are sometimes charged and even when sentenced are released shortly thereafter. Prison means three free meals as well as a new identity, a place where they belong. When released, they bring with them the new identity that they formed behind bars, back into their community.
Either which way, the necessary reform process is ignored and the problem of young offenders continues to grow. It is for this reason that we are producing our soundslide, as a plea to both community and authority to re-think the way in which young offenders are handled, as well as to question why a better reform method has not been put in place.
b) Cari:-
c) Andrew:- Possibly work with Lisa on gangster idea as well as with photographers and work with Dominique and Cari on another possible sound slide involving rehabilitation

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